Thursday, April 9, 2009

Honor Your Loveones

One of my husband’s cousin died last year. She’s the type of person who does a lot of things not just for her family but also the community. She become a dedicated teacher and passionate on what she have done on her entire career by helping children to get involved in different areas of activity and assist to build their confidence. All family, however, devastated about the loss of their love ones and for that reason they wanted to honor her. Since they were looking for grave marker I suggested to look at which I have known they provide all this stuff in affordable price.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Giro Sunglasses

Winter is finally over and summer is taking turn very soon. So what is your preparation for this coming summer? Well, it’s very simple first thing we need to priorities is to buy a piece of giro sunglasses that will help to protect your eyes against the excessive brightness and dust.

Still Kickin Here!

Ohh good Lord...forgive me for what I have done on my blog. As you can see it wasn't updated since the previous post I made dated... March 19. Anyway, this is what the blog appears to be if the blogger have so many things to prioritize over posting. I know what's the circumstances would be if you left your site as dead as like mine and no one would knock your head to remind you that she/he neglected her/his site.

Well, It's been awhile I never write anything here,but today I take this rare chances to overlook my site and write something to clarify what I'm been up to for the past few weeks. Maybe some of you who knows me knew that I'm still in school and because of this it almost took my time even weekend making online assignment, writing essay (Research paper)hasta namuti na akong (ahemm)sa kadaghan sa akong gibuhat.In addition to this is my volunteer service which I'm very proud to tell you how lucky I am to be a member of Scottish Rite Hospital volunteer. I won't feel tired to tell this over and over how grateful I am for taking this opportunity to experience to work inside the hospital although I am not directly assign to the patient, but it's a major step to head that deriction.

So, now that you know what makes me busy for the previous weeks, this is the factual information that prevented to do my responsibility. Before I close this statement I would like to say thanks for those who visit my site and also ask your forgiveness for unable to do the same way. I really appreciate for every visit you made here in my blog and I promised to return this favor to you one of this days :) PEACE!