Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here Comes The Roller Coster Weather

Yesterday I was extremely happy because the weather was cooperated with me. I was busy cleaning the mess outside (dry leaves) blowing it away from front door and putting it inside the plastic garbage bag. I started doing this thing from morning and was finished about 12:00 O clock noon. I didn't feel any exhaustion because I enjoy the weather and I was really planned to do it for a long time and yesterday was the perfect day for me to move my butt out on the couch.

The weather for today by the way is way to far from yesterday. Fortunately, we had 80's yesterday then the weather dramatically fall since midnight throught the day, we're in the 30's this morning. According to the weather forecast, the weather for today will reach to the highest 40's hmmmm. Can you imagine how weired the Texas weather is? Well, nature is always like this sometimes it brings you happiness, but most of the time it affects your mood when the sun covered by the thick clouds along with chilly wind that dominates the surrounding.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Excellent Network To Seek Buddies

As what I have experienced here in the United States, interacting with people is another way of gaining friends and boosting your relationship with others. I have been tried signing several social network in addition to the group of people that I have been connected with. Well, base on my observation, connecting with different diverse of people improves your interpersonal skills in a way that you will be surrounded with good people that influence your behavior and also gaining your self identity. One of which I consider the most highly recommended group of networks to begin with is consumer social network. On this site you will meet group of people who the same interest. You can bonding through channel communication and share your thoughts and ideas especially the activities that you interested in, and most of all enhances your ability to become a competent communicator.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's A Wonderful Day In Texas

To all Texan's out there, How do you rate your weather for today? Well, today is wonderful day here in texas. The sun shines soo bright, no clouds distruction (lol) from morning till in the afternoon. It gave us the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and lessen up the stress feeling that we felt from the past few days since the cold weather dominates the whole states. People wasn't able to wander outside because of the unpleasant weather. Today is the perfect day to drive anywhere (bad for me not driving yet..sigh).Althought I don't drive yet, I still enjoy the weather by soaking my self under the sun by walking back and fort through the school building where my class was held. Yes! today is the seccond day of my school. I was started last Tuesday and I really enjoy my time here. I have met another batch of people with different culture and behavior I should say. Cultures and Character that makes you intrested in and learn with throught the semester. Ohh lets go back on my topic, all students here in school enjoy each company by chatting while soaking themselves under the sun. Wherever you go, you can see and hear their laughter outside the scchool campus. Well, what can I say just enjoy every opportunity that you have for today. Hope you guys did the same thing. Happy Sunny day :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back On My Posting

It's been two weeks in a row I haven't done anything on this blog. Means no update has been done yet since the first day of January if you guy seen it. Well, I have been thinking that for so long, but I just feel tired and focusing on some other things. One of which makes me busy all days is watching free movie online (lol). I know it's sounds rediculous, but I love it. I can watch any kinds of movie that I want from the previous to the latest ones, it's all free.

On the other hand, thinking about giving up this blog, I gues it's not. If you don't see anything that is related to my opps business, well I would say I am a little bit tired, but it doesn't mean I am going to ignore those opps business. I am still continuing my writing here, it might not be all the time because tommorow I will be back in school. So for sure it will take a very long time before I update my blog.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Night Before New Years Eve

Today is the last day of 2008. So, how do you guys celebrate the year of 2009? Well, me and my husband was invited to a friend of mine to celebrate New Years Day on their home. To tell you the truth I am little bit busy during the day because I also cook food to bring to her home while I am working the rest of unfinished business that is need to be done before we gone out. I thought that I could manage to do those things but unfortunately I am no Octopus woman having with multiple or quadrople hands that able to manage the task that I wanted to do in one time.

Meanwhile, we left at the house at 7:00 pm. My friends house is just 15 minutes away from the house so it's not bad at all to be there that late. By the time we arrived at my friends house, they already started eaten the diner and gues what I never expect that we have that much food on the table.

The time had passed and we are not supposed to be stay longer than what I expected to be because my husband and I discussed to be at the house before 12:00 pm, but what can I do, one of our friend had called and say she and her family will come over. We waited until 11:00 onwards then lastly we just can't get out when the clock started to count down here in Texas time. Well, the night was awesome and we're both enjoy each company together with our loveones.