Thursday, March 19, 2009

Having Fun at the Church

my friend and I was invited to our rosary leader(aling Susie) to attend the the feast day at St.Joseph church. Well, I was thought about what do I need to do the rest of day after finishing my second paragraph of my assignment. Since this our spring break, I shouldn't waste my time at home alone, do something good to forget my stressful assignment. So here we go, I am out again just like what I did yesterday. I spent my whole day at the Achievement Center (volunteer service)and again I had so much fun with helping these special kids, it really soften my heart seeing them happy around me, hearing them saying thank you even though they have a hard time spoke the whole word (Bobby)looking direct to your eyes to shows their deep appreciation or hearing this word "Bernie, thank you for helping us"'s really melted my heart. In addition to that, during the karaoke time, these kids really makes me laugh out on my lungs. Well, anyway, I'm almost out of my topic (sorry). I went out with my friend (Lilian) drove to the church attend the mass first,then after the mass, the Priest announced that they have a small party and everyone were invited. All of us headed to the court where the said dinner was served. The food is good of course, all people appears happy and appreciated the variety of food serves on the table. Our day, however, was full of bless! I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Perfect Place To Stay

For how many days the weather became gloomy in Texas. Well, as we all know in when the weather turns bad and become messy (rain) nobody would enjoy to wander around. Weather in Texas is unpredictable in contrast to Arizona where the sun always shine by 82 degrees. This States, however, (Arizona) has lots of things that can be proud of. There is no doubt why there are lots of people wanted to stay in Arizona for good or pick the this place to stay because of the wonderful amusements they offer to all travelers. Searching the best place is just easy, all you have to is to look for Arizona guide or if you wanted to buy properties in Arizona, SFP will assist you for that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hardwork was Paid Off

Our teacher in psychology promised us to distribute our grades in our first exam last Thursday. As I mentioned few days ago, that this exam is not really as easy as what I have expected although we have a study to assist us. Few days away from our exam, our teacher reminded us to familiarize each theory that we have been covered for all chapter, but he did not give us the exact details if we must memorize everything or little part of it. Well, if your teacher make a statement like this, it means no assurance whether he/she will covered the whole theories or not. On this case the effective solution I have made is to read all the four (4) chapters over and over again. I don't care how bored is it for everyone in reading the book all the time, but for me this is very helpful strategy in order to familiarize each word (take note: re-read the text book overtime definitely helpful tools to boost your memory), scanning all important details on the book and encoded it on your memory. The result is really effective actually and got A on my grade.