Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss my Blog

Time fly so fast and don't realize how long I been left out and had no connection on my blog for years if I am not mistaken. I don't have any clue why I open this again. I thought that it's already been diminished forever since the last post I made, but here it is...still standing and survive although I have no clue whether its effected by a viruses or not. Through looking the comments on my post, I got 35 comments on it and never knew who they are since the letter shows Chinese :-p. On the other hand, I'd like to thanks whoever tried to visit this blog.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Auto repair Shop In California

I received call from my friend, she informed me that she faced problem on her car. At first I thought that it just a minimal scenario related to her air conditioning or need a minor repair. Well, when she continue explaining everything on what exactly happen during that time I just realize how stressful it could be for her facing a problem about her car. She was very disappointed in a sense that it could possibly cost her a lot of money to get back the same image of her car and also feared that it won’t look as the same. Fortunately, since she was residing in California I told her to visit theauto body shops californiaThat is few miles away from her location. I told her that this company is been proven on their good service in terms of auto body repairing.

Having Fun Last Night

My day yesterday was not ended nothing. My Friend and I was invited to a friend in a closest karaoke bar in Garland. Well, first I wasn't sure if I could handle singing in front of people beside of my friends because normally my confident boosts only around with my friends. Anyway, last night was a big step for me and my friend to get out from our shell not matter what happen lol. When we finally got inside the said karaoke bar I felt physically uncomfortable in a since that it was closed and smokey area. My eyes got irritated and the scent of cigarette followed me everywhere I go. Obviously you can't get away with it since the smoke can't go anywhere except staying in once place.

After an hour my sense of feeling is still the same people were still continue puffed smoke and lit cigarette I could not make any excuses saying to them "Stop" smoking lol... this is the way they live and I was entered on their territory so I must suffered the consequences. Anyway, the Karaoke started at exactly eight Marilynne and Marife introduced us to their friends, I can sense how much they known to each other. Most of them exchanged hugs and kiss while Lilian and I did differently just shook their hand no kissy-kissy and huggy-huggy.

The first singer was introduced by the MC, the woman sung wonderfully, I can tell her passion about singing the way she perform on the stage it really amazing. From singer one up to forward till Marilynne and Marife, the Mc finally called my name to sing in front of audience lol... my hands is shakin, I am losing my confidence because I already know how it turns...Ohh dear by the time I enter the stage I told myself "Go ahead Bernadith this is not a contest, this is just for fun" so there you go successfully sung the song I choose bisan nagkapiya-ok segi lang basta kanta.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scenic Furniture

rustic furniture is the only retail furniture store that carrying wide variety of furniture that would perfectly fit your style at home. So, if you look for this type of furniture please visit the link above.

Plano Dentist

What is the first thing you notice when people say “Hi” to you with smile? Most people I observed whether in school, hospital, mall, and anywhere else, there is significant thing caught my attention that made them look very attractive. These people have a nice and white teeth. Not surprising how our technology can manipulate all of these and can change your life in instantly. Well, we also give credit to the dentist who contribute to make you feel more attractive by doing this job and specializes on different areas of dentistry whether in cosmetic, general and family. In Texas area you can locate Plano Dentist which few miles away from my location. So, better check it out.

Feel Sorry For My Classmate

Today is the final day of my Math class and the final was held this early morning. I feel a little bit frustrated the test result I heard from my classmate knowing that she failed the class. Although I successfully pass the subject, I still thought of the possible reason why my classmate failed. We both expect to get over this subject (Math) and move to the next level, but when my classmate told how much she got for her average, it breaks my heart knowing that she could left behind.

“The long preparation for our exam was not worthy at all” she said. “I been working my ass off just to get over this thing, then it happened, “What I’m going to do Bernadith?” I can’t think any solution for her right away knowing how disappointed she was and desperate to move to the next level. That moment I encouraged her to take the accuplacer test. I insisted her to get this exam right away so she can continue to attend the summer class she recently signed. How I wish could help her about her problem, I know how eager she was to finish her prerequisite subject so she can start right away on her Radiology degree. I hope that she feel better soon and pray that she can move on.