Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wook Up Very Late

I never heard the alarm this morning the that's the reason why I woke up very late. I asked my husband if he set the alam. He looked at me and nodded while he was in a hurry to shave his face. I was headed to the bathroom and start to open the faucet and run the water for a few minutes to get ready for a quick shower. It was unsual day for me since I always wake-up 30 minutes or 15 minutes away before the clock chime on. Before I headed to the bathroom, I already feel what's the weather outside. Well, I can't blame myself for that because during cold season we usually love to curl ourself in bed. I don't know why, but it usually happen to me, being lazy to get up and just wanted to enjoy the warm blanket.

FInally, my husband and I prepared ourselves very quick today. We don't even take our meal this morning just to avoid lates. I feel a little bit guilty because I dont prepare my husband's meal, and pretty sure he will be hungry later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No More Stress At All

Today we have our second big exam on my speech class. I am very greatful to know when our teacher told us that we dont have any more big quiz, means today is the last exam, and we now focusing on our speech presentation that would be next Thursday. Sounds that majority of my classmates are happy after hearing this news from our teacher, and it could be a nice break to us since majority of us are taking 3 or more subjects this semester. Anyway, that all for now guys. Thanks for the visit

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well Occupied

This is very unsual monday morning to me since I don't really wake-up till 9 or 10:00 a.m. I decided to woke up very early today because I have so many things that I need to get done. First, cleaning some area of the house is my priority because tommorow will be the last photography class that will be held in the house. So, cleaning the living room, vacuuming the carpet and then the rest of the house. Next, that would be getting ready of all the stuff that my husband need for this class. Sorting out his photography equipments like tripods, cables, reflector, and some accessories. Ohh... dear this is a crazy day for me, and I am not done yet. After this chores I need to get back on my speech book to finish my last chapter for tommorow's second exam.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Water Leak

Around 6:00 p.m my husband and I have planned to left the house for grocery shopping in Walmart. So, after we took our dinner, my husband headed to the bath room and took a quick shower, whereas me, I took the oppurtunity to clean up our mess and clean the kitchen.

Few minutes later, I took a few moments to look what we needed for the bathroom like soap, cleaning stuff, and more. Suddenly, I glanced down to the floor and have seen the water comes out on the side of the toilet bowl. The water looks clear, but if you knew that it cames from underneath of the toilet bowl you already know its dirty. So, that moment I told my husband about the leaking water. He stop taking his shower to checked if he could posibly fixed it. Unfortunately, he did everything he could to stop water. He tried to flush the toilet, but the water won't go down. So, now he knew what's the primary cause of it, the pipe that connects to our all bath room is clog. Do we need to call Joe the plummer? lol. Anyway, I am grateful that we still had one container of gel (Drainer Opener)that helps to remove the clog area. Thanks God that the water leaks stop and everything back to normal

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lunch Out With Friends

My day is not fun at all since I feel a little bit cranky this morning. I was watching TV while my hands working on my computer. I have noticed few weeks ago that I am become obsessed about what's the latest activity in both candidates nowadays. Well, as you can see two weeks from now new President will be elected, and I was hoping that the result of this election is fair (Peace) :).

Anyway, my friend had called at 12 noon. She told me that our friend (Elaine) invited us to have go to her house for lunch. Well, it sounds good to me since I am free and nothing to do at the same time. After the lunch she drove me back home, but before we headed to my house she ask me if I want to go somewhere. Hmmm sounds I am trouble again lol. Well, we both ended up in DD's discount store. This store is half mile away from where I live so, I guess this is the perfect place to visit. Once again if Lilian and I ended this way we're not leaving the store empty handed lol.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

IMage Of My Niece's Daugther

It's been a year now that I have never been checking my friendster since I have been busy on my blogging, school, and a lot of things going on my heard that's the reason I don't have a chance to view it. Well, the moment I open my account, I got a friend request from my niece (Jiji) I never thought that she would have this account on friendster. Ohh by the way, Jiji (Niece) got married in December 2006, and have one daugther. Well, the picture above amazed me how the time goes fast. She had her baby last 2007 and I never thought how her baby now, and gues what, the picture above is my first baby of older Niece. She's got her adorable baby, and I can tell how lucky she have her.

All I can say is, everything has been change since the day I left in the Philippines, my nieces and nephews grews so fast. I just imagine how small they are, and now they'll so tall. Well, I think this the proof of my age lol... means needs to have a baby soon! since I am not stay young forever. Anyways, I ma grateful for having this picture of her, and proud to share it with you :)

Lazy Weekend

I have been sitting here for couple of hours thinking about what I am going to do this day. I am not finish on my assignment yet, I have been working on it since yesterday, and until now I am not done with it. What a lazy day. Weekend supposed to be the day of our grocery or relax at home, but how can I put myself into a relax mode if I have tons of task waiting for me whaaa. Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I just hope later I feel more energize so I can do some of my house and school task.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Digging Memories

I was digging on my computer today looking for documents or pictures that needs to be delete on my computer just to avoid over load. well, sometimes we need check our files and erase it if we don't use it in order to maintain the performance of our computer. I have seen this picture that was transferred on my computer one year ago. This is the image where I was in the group of people whom I met when I took the ESOL subject. Yeah, these are my classmates. This picture reminds me the time when I was in this class. I have a lot of experience from this class. First, I have learn how to connect with people in different culture, improve my social connection, gaining knowledge from each culture, and most important learning to embrace cultural differences and understanding people's weaknesses. This picture was taken during our Christmas party, and also the day of distributing the grades. I am glad that I was being part of this class and met all these wonderful people.

Strengthen Your Humor

Problem is everywhere. We always dealing with everything around us from family, job, relationship, demanding bosses, and economy. Economy meltdown is a major problem that we facing right now. Therefore, all people are so stress out how to deal with this problem. In this case, many of us forgot to smile neither doesn't have a chance to give them self a break just to forget the problem. Stress is toxic on our health and this is primary cause why we're susceptible to different kinds illnesses. So, if you don't want to get sick and avoid spending money for the medicine, I encourage you to watch this video. Remember that LAUGH is vital to our health. It helps to release our tension, change our view of life, help to release endorphin on our body that help to boost our immune system, and more. The bottom line is, the benefits of laughing improves the quality of life. So, for these reason I dare you to watch this video. Caution!..... seriousness is bad to our health! before you click this video make sure that you fasten your seat belt!

This video is originally from YOUTUBE " Moymoy Palaboy Production"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hubby Feel Better

I was very thankful that my husband feel better at this moment. As I recall to my previous post that he got sick for almost two weeks due to his ear infection, and was badly affect his throat and the reason why his voice is sounds very awful. I was very concern about his situation since he was started to cut his sleep all the time or bothering all night. He needs to took his medicine just to help him to breath. This morning I can feel his ok and his voice is not sounds bad at all, it back to normal.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ready To Go Bed

I spent my whole day just reading my book preparing my big Math for tommorow whewwwww...This is our second exam and need to read it carefully. Math is not my favorite subject or not good at it, but so far I recognized that if you study and analize the whole question, there's no doubt that you wont understand or get the exact sulotion to the question. Anyway, guys my eyes are tired and need to get rest as soon as possible. Tommorow is my day in school. Goodnight Folks

Chatting With My Sister

I just chatted my sister online few minutes ago. I am grateful that I saw her on messages right away. I am not really sure when was the last time I talk to her, but it doesn't really matter because tonight she catch me online while reading my book. We have dicussed different things including the financial. Well, I think that's the first subject she open with me since my Papa need money. Anyway, that all for now guys.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunday Lonely

I feel a little bit sad and guilty for the reason that I couldn't do nothing to tell my husband to stay home and get rest. As I recall on my recent post, he was get sick and still dealing with his dry caught. Again last night he woke up and to took his medicine and put vicks on his chest so he can breath well. I know that he didn't get much sleep for few days now, and I feel that his a little bit anxious and tired. How I wish that he just stay home today and get much rest that he needed.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hubby Got Sick

My husband had called few minutes ago just informed that he will be home very late because they sitting up their product (camera) in Arlington, Texas. I don't know exactly what is that suppose to be, but I can sense that they were having a product show in Arlington. I am just feel bad or worried about him because I know his not feeling well for few days now. Last night we woke up at 4 o clock in the morning to drink his medicine. My husband got ear infection and this infection affects his throat. On this case, his voice sounds awful, and he can't talk that much because of it. I am not really sure what's the primary cause of it, I just remember it goes bad right after the weather is change. Well, he told me that some of his student got sick, so, his not alone dealing with this illness. I also remember why some schools across America sponsored flu shots during this season just to stop the virus or protect the student to be infected with viruses that could easily transmitted by others. In my case, I never tried flu shots since I been here. Some of us have different preparation in order to protect ourselves from this diseases. For me, eating fruits which is rich of vitamins C and drink plenty of water helps to improve or boost your immune system that strongly protect your body to combat this illness. I love fruits, any kind of fruits as long as it's not poisonous. I can survive without rice and meat a day, just fruits.

My First In- Class Speech

Yesterday was the first presentation of my speech in front of my classmate. I was very confident the preparation that I made by choosing the perfect topic that perfectly connects to the subject that we need to present. Time has come and it's my turn to deliver my speech...Ohh boy I was very anxious, feel nervous, and my knees shaking so bad (I hope that no no body recognized it) I know this is a normal scenario for all speakers needs to deal with during their speech, but mine wow... it's affects me so bad. My practice won't work well during that time I refuse to deliver some of my details which is very important to add more sense to it, and more understable to the audience . Well, when I saw my video at home, good lord, I just laugh on my self. I am not disappointed about the result though I made a lot of mistake. It seems like I need a lot of things that need to work on so I can improve it next time.

Invited Friends at Home

Last night I have invited my filipino friends that I have met at the school where I recently enrolled my 2 subjects. I was expected that I have 3 people to came into the house, but later on Mico and his friends was their. Well, I dont care how many they were, but one thing that I worried about is the shortage of food :). Anyway, since they pick up us in school I told them to droped us by at the Hongkong market to buy extra meat and fish just incase. So, I bought 2 big Tilapia, then after that we drove derictly at the house to gather everything we need so we can start to cook. I start to make my sinigang na hipon, the 2 guys made the grilled tilapia and pork barbecue. Well, at the end we successfully finished the night with a big smile on our tummy, they love my casava cake that I made a day before. I thought that it is not good at all since this is the first time I cook casava.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bank Account Diactivate by Paypal

This is the story of my transaction I made few weeks ago when I attempted to use my paypal service "Adds Funds From bank Account" I never use this service before so, I just tried if this service works for me . Unfortunately, one day later I received a confirmation letter from paypal saying, "the transaction that I made recently was declined by my bank". So for that reason, paypal management had made their immediate response on this scenario by disabled my bank account or removing my account on their system. On this case, I can no longer use my bank account or I can no longer transfer my money from paypal to my bank account. I am very disappointed for this result because I had no idea who made this mistake whether the paypal or the bank. Therefore, I called the paypal customer service, asking their assistance regarding this matter. Unfortunately, they could not give the exact answer that I am looking for, they just told me to call my bank to ask them why they decline the paypal request in transfering money. So I called the bank and give the whole detail. That moment they immediately response and say that "The would'nt allow the card holder to made add funds transaction to paypal" So, this is the clarification that some bank account won't support or allow add funds service that offer in paypal. So, finally I patiently negociating both side in order to activate my bank account again, and thanks God that I made it.

Goodbye Summer Hello Winter

Summer is already ended. I could feel the weather is rapidly change every morning here in Texas. We have a chilly day, but the good thing is the sun still shines that will keep me warm. I admit that I hate chilly weather since I always got electricuted "static" we called. The result is awful you know, and I hate it. Thats why before I touch a metal object or open the car I have to make sure that I wont be shock. My huband always laugh at me everytime I do that. Anyways, I just hope that everyone have enjoyed their summer.

October Confession

As you can see this blog has been hybernated for a week or so for some reason. I never updated it because I have so much things that need to be prioritize right now. If ever I had available time to update my blog, I just limit myself to stay a few minutes on my blog and go back on my homework. I become more busier at this moments since my both class demands more time right now. Exam, assignments,lab works, and do some extra credits, which includes attending workshop. These are the things that makes me so busy at this moment.