Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feel Sorry For My Classmate

Today is the final day of my Math class and the final was held this early morning. I feel a little bit frustrated the test result I heard from my classmate knowing that she failed the class. Although I successfully pass the subject, I still thought of the possible reason why my classmate failed. We both expect to get over this subject (Math) and move to the next level, but when my classmate told how much she got for her average, it breaks my heart knowing that she could left behind.

“The long preparation for our exam was not worthy at all” she said. “I been working my ass off just to get over this thing, then it happened, “What I’m going to do Bernadith?” I can’t think any solution for her right away knowing how disappointed she was and desperate to move to the next level. That moment I encouraged her to take the accuplacer test. I insisted her to get this exam right away so she can continue to attend the summer class she recently signed. How I wish could help her about her problem, I know how eager she was to finish her prerequisite subject so she can start right away on her Radiology degree. I hope that she feel better soon and pray that she can move on.

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