Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having Fun Last Night

My day yesterday was not ended nothing. My Friend and I was invited to a friend in a closest karaoke bar in Garland. Well, first I wasn't sure if I could handle singing in front of people beside of my friends because normally my confident boosts only around with my friends. Anyway, last night was a big step for me and my friend to get out from our shell not matter what happen lol. When we finally got inside the said karaoke bar I felt physically uncomfortable in a since that it was closed and smokey area. My eyes got irritated and the scent of cigarette followed me everywhere I go. Obviously you can't get away with it since the smoke can't go anywhere except staying in once place.

After an hour my sense of feeling is still the same people were still continue puffed smoke and lit cigarette I could not make any excuses saying to them "Stop" smoking lol... this is the way they live and I was entered on their territory so I must suffered the consequences. Anyway, the Karaoke started at exactly eight Marilynne and Marife introduced us to their friends, I can sense how much they known to each other. Most of them exchanged hugs and kiss while Lilian and I did differently just shook their hand no kissy-kissy and huggy-huggy.

The first singer was introduced by the MC, the woman sung wonderfully, I can tell her passion about singing the way she perform on the stage it really amazing. From singer one up to forward till Marilynne and Marife, the Mc finally called my name to sing in front of audience lol... my hands is shakin, I am losing my confidence because I already know how it turns...Ohh dear by the time I enter the stage I told myself "Go ahead Bernadith this is not a contest, this is just for fun" so there you go successfully sung the song I choose bisan nagkapiya-ok segi lang basta kanta.

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